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Virtual Reality solution for the Shipping and Maritime industry needs

The Maritime Immersive Safe Oceans Technology (MarISOT) is a term and technology invented at the Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) by Prof. Evangelos Markopoulos and Adj. Prof. Mika Luimula, as a Virtual Reality (VR) solution to address major shipping environmental challenges such as accident and sea pollution prevention and reduction.

MarISOT immersive training is primarily applied in command bridge operations with multi-user capability. Its cost-effective and portable technology can be used unlimited on board just-in-time or in maritime training centers.

MarISOT emphasizes primarily on safety at sea technologies and strategies that contribute towards effective maritime safety operations, increased flexibility in training conditions and improved performance operations, with reduced operational costs.

Besides the VR technology MarISOT is supported by a triple-layer artificial intelligence neural network which drives the back-end architecture.   Furthermore, behavioral science technologies such as eye, hand and finger tracking are used to understand the mental state of the trainees, but also natural language processing and speech recognition technologies to create a holistic multiuser environment that can host in the same training scenario users around the world.

MarISOT as a sustainable, social, and ethical based innovative technology is aligned with the ESG index and the UN 2030 agenda. It offers limitless, affordable, and safe training opportunities, reduces inequalities, increases maritime employment, protects the environment, improves safety at sea and builds a qualitative learning environment for all humans in the maritime industry.


Contact us for further information:

Prof. Dr. Eng. Evangelos Markopoulos,
TUAS Fellow and Visiting Professor on Applied Research & Innovation 
CEO. MarISOT Technologies 

Adj. Prof. Dr. Eng. Mika Luimula,
Principal Lecturer, Research Group Leader,
Head of AVR Turku and AIF AVR Ecosystem 
CTO. MarISOT Technologies