Shell Scheme Stands
  • Three different Shell Scheme Types are available for the 2024 exhibitors

    Shell schemes are provided from the House Contractor, Expowork SA. Exhibitors can choose among:

    • Basic

    • Business

    • Executive

    Book the optimum for your company and easily create the best environment to showcase your products or services and to welcome your business visitors. All Shell Scheme Types include furniture, equipment, and lighting.


    • Shell schemes do NOT include the space. You need to book your space first and then choose a shell type. The Shell Scheme cost is additional to the space cost.
      If you haven't already booked your space at Posidonia 2024 please contact the Organisers, Mrs. Maria Gika or Mrs. Anastasia Tabakopoulou
    • To order a Shell Stand please contact Expowork SA at
    • Minimum area: 12 square metres.
    • For stands 12-29 sqm, ordering one of the Posidonia Shell Scheme stand types is obligatory. If an exhibitor with a 12-29 sqm stand neglects to order their shell scheme package in time, the basic type will automatically be provided at the exhibitors expense.
    • Shell Stand packages are available for all stand sizes. For stands over 30sqm, lighting, signage and equipment quantities will be adjusted accordingly.
Shell Schemes Options & Information