Sustainability Tips
  • Tips for a sustainable participation at Posidonia:

    1. Ensure your stand is designed so that it will be used again.

    2. Reduce your paper handouts by switching to digital options.

    3. Think about what you buy for the event, such as promotional items and catering, is there a sustainable option? Such as paper rather than plastic cups, or pens from recycled plastic.

    4. Be energy efficient by using LED lights, and energy efficient equipment such as computers, and TVs.

    5. Think about what waste your stand will create and try to minimize it as much as possible. For any waste produced, please ensure it is recyclable.

    6. For any paper used, reduce its carbon impact by a third by choosing recycled paper.

    7. Promote your company’s and products' sustainability credentials.

    8. Make sure you and your contractor are aware and compliant with all environmental, health and safety requirements.

    9. One of the biggest environmental impacts is travel and transport. Choose public transport or car pooling, and logistic companies with sustainable credentials.

    10. Check out our event charity partners, how could you support them?

    Read the Posidonia 2022 Sustainability Report