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Posidonia Cup
Posidonia Cup Registration Form
Fees include participation at the awards ceremony of up to 12 crew members. For additional invitations and relevant costs, or other information and enquiries regarding your participation in the race, please contact info@horc.gr
  • Sustainability in action

    Powered by the winds of the Aegean Sea, Posidonia’s flagship sporting event will once more showcase the shipping community’s commitment to creating a sustainable future and highlight that the industry’s evolution is well rooted in its history.

    Harnessing the power of the wind, some 60 yachts and 700 senior executives and yachtsmen will compete in the scenic Faliron bay on 31 May 2024 for the coveted Posidonia Cup trophies, a must-have for every shipping related company. Posidonia exhibitors and all members of the international shipping community are invited to join the race, either with their own private yacht or with those provided by the co-organisers, the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC).

    Whether racing in the Performance, Standard, Superyachts or Classic & Traditional yachts category, the Posidonia Cup promises excitement and extra networking opportunities to all participants, who will be contributing to the promotion of sailing in Greece, as proceeds from the regatta will support the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club’s educational activities.

    As always, the day will conclude with the Cup’s notorious award ceremony by the seaside, offering participants a chance to enjoy a joyful summer night on the Attica Riviera.

    Download the Notice of Race

    Boats provided by HORC

    Boats available for charter

    *The list of boats available for charter may be updated and more boats may be added. If you don't find a boat that meets your requirements, please check back at a later stage.

    The event is co-organised with the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC)


    For more information please visit www.posidoniacup.gr or contact: 

    Posidonia Exhibitions SA | Tel. +30 210 428 3608, Email: posidonia@posidonia-events.com

    Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC) | Tel. +30 210 412 3357, 210 411 3201, 210 412 2352, Email: info@horc.gr