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probunkers – The future of Bunkering, TODAY !

A new company introduction
An innovative, ambitious and exciting project
An experienced and committed Management
A Posidonia 2018 event

Athens, Greece, June 5th 2018 - A new, ambitious and exciting LNG Bunkering project was presented today at the biggest shipping event, Posidonia 2018: probunkers, an innovative multimillion USD global-scale project which offers the opportunity to invest in two fundamental and dynamic industries, Shipping and Energy.

probunkers will design, build and operate a fleet of modern, eco-friendly LNG bunkering vessels to brace the ever-changing needs of global shipping. The project involves: Planning, Financing, Implementation, Operations and Sales. probunkers will have a three-tier role, as Physical supplier, LNG Trader/Seller and Barge owner and operator. The three-fold business model includes investment, trading and finance elements. The multi-layer model involves operations, LNG buying and selling, logistics and marketing.

Nigel Lowry, Lloyd’s List Athens correspondent, hosted the inaugural event of probunkers, at the full house Posidonia Seminar Room Central. The experienced host presented the Board of Directors, Costas Hassiotis and Panos Yannoulis and introduced the company through a corporate video.

probunkers’ CEO, Alexander Prokopakis, welcomed all attendees and made a short presentation of the project. “I anticipate 2018 to be a landmark year for the expansion of LNG as a marine fuel into shipping. We are determined to turn probunkers into a world-class investment opportunity and fulfill our vision to build a reliable global-scale LNG bunkering network” he quoted.

probunkers will contribute to the development of LNG marine infrastructure by providing premier and reliable LNG bunkering services and aim to be among the early movers who will support the future of Sustainable Shipping and Green Energy. 

For further information, please contact:
Danai Vamvacopoulou
EXTROVERT | Business Communications
+30 210 6724265, +30 6946 062015

About probunkers

probunkers Holding was established in 2017 in Cyprus. Its headquarters are based in Athens, Greece. The company will have shareholding control over a group of companies operating in the sectors of shipping and energy. The Shipping division will design, build, own and operate a fleet of LNG supply vessels. They will all be single vessel entities owned 100% by probunkers Holding. The Commercial Companies will also be fully owned by the Holding company. The Commercial division will have presence and operate in seven geographical locations across the globe, through local branches; each of them will include operational and crewing departments overseen by three main regional trading offices with sales and customer service departments. www.probunkers.com