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Posidonia Exhibitions SA and PAN Art Connections Inc. present the exhibition:


The exhibition, which will be hosted during the International Maritime Exhibition "POSIDONIA 2018" (from 4 to 8 June, 2018) at the METROPOLITAN EXPO Exhibition Centre, in the main corridor, presents the history of navigation in the Aegean and the Mediterranean through 12 handmade models of ships selected from a travelling exhibition of 35 exhibits. The entire collection amounts to over 150 wooden models of Greek ships dating from prehistoric antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century.

The creator of the exhibits is Mr. Dimitris Maras, Mechanical-Engineer M.Sc, Microshipbuilder, who has studied in depth the traditional shipbuilding history of Greece, as well as the construction of ship models. His love of the sea and the Greek maritime tradition has inspired him for over 40 years to perfect this meticulous art form of.  He follows strictly traditional manufacturing methods, using original materials, identical to those used by the manufacturers of the prototypes and all models are constructed to a precise scale. Mr. Maras will be present throughout the exhibition to answer questions as well as share his passion with visitors. 

The goal of the exhibition is to present to the visitors, in a coherent and comprehensible manner, the history of Greek seafaring and shipbuilding, giving them a chance to take a mental trip back in time to discover the close and timeless relationship of the Greek people with the sea.

  • Creator of shipmodels: 
    Dimitris Maras, M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Microshipbuilder
  • Curator:
    Nikoleta Xydea, Archaeology-Museology MA

Mr. Nicholas Kondoprias: +30 6932 232 562 |  info@pan-art-connections.com

About Posidonia Exhibitions SA

Posidonia Exhibitions SA specialises in trade fairs dedicated to the international maritime industries and all sectors involved in sea tourism. The company is the organiser of Posidonia, the international shipping exhibition and the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum, an international conference and exhibition focused on the sea tourism sector.

This year Posidonia Exhibitions SA celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Posidonia, the international shipping exhibition, has long been established as one of the major calendar events of the shipping industry and attracts the most influential personalities from the Greek and international maritime communities and major companies and organisations active in all sectors of the maritime industry. Posidonia first took place in 1969 and has been taking place every two years ever since 1970. 

About Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises is the predominant home-porting cruise operator in Greece and the preeminent cruise line serving the Greek Islands and East Mediterranean. The company operates four mid-sized vessels, each one intimately sized to provide genuine and highly-personalized services. The foundation of the company’s philosophy is to place the destination at the heart of everything we do. Every cruise focuses on true cultural immersion, offering lifetime experiences both on board and on shore wherever its vessels sail.

The mission of the company is to offer its passengers an amazing personalized experience where they will live, feel and taste the best each region has to offer through a unique journey of authentic moments!

About PAN Art Connections Inc.

PAN Art Connections, Inc. is a globally active firm, affiliated with a European based museum and maintains its headquarters in the United States. Formed by museum professionals, faced with the day-to-day business challenge of operating a museum efficiently, PAN Art Connections, Inc. offers museums and institutions a selection of high-profile ready-to-exhibit, single-source collections, ensuring high attendance at a competitive cost. Required logistics and overhead are significantly reduced through the provision of door-to-door services. Museums, institutions, businesses and private collectors may also generate revenues as well as exposure by joining our select inventory of collections which presently include works of renowned artists such as: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Victor Vasarely, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, J. & F.X. Leyendecker, as well as interactive history and science exhibitions.