Posidonia Press Releases
Posidonia 2022 - Statement of the President of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Ms Melina Travlos

The well-established international shipping exhibition, “Posidonia”, returns this year, after  a 4-year absence due to the pandemic, with solid foundations to not only meet the high expectations of the international shipping community, but to also exceed them.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome to our country, the home of the world’s largest shipowning community, international exhibitors and visitors, to participate in this prestigious global maritime event.

The Greek-owned fleet maintains its leading role in the shipping industry. Today it represents a 21% of the world’s tonnage and 59% of the European Union (EU) fleet. In particular, it controls, inter alia, 32% of the world fleet in tankers, 25% of bulk carriers and 22% of LNG carriers. Greek shipping, which is an integral part of European shipping, provides a strategic advantage to the European Union in its effort to ensure the adequacy and independence of its supply with essential goods and energy.

It is notable that during the four-year period since "Posidonia 2018", the shipping industry continued, uninterruptedly, to serve 90% of world trade. In the volatile global environment, shipping has acted as a beacon of stability, responding to the unprecedented conditions we have been facing due to the international health crisis the last two years, as well as due to the geopolitical crisis of recent months in Europe. Once again, the shipping industry has demonstrated its strategic dimension and its essential contribution to the functioning of the global ecosystem as well as the welfare of the citizens of the world.

In this context, Posidonia 2022 will be the ideal event to highlight the key, multi-level and irreplaceable role of the shipping industry in the global economy.

With all eyes set globally on tackling climate change, Posidonia 2022 will also be an excellent opportunity for promoting the environmental footprint of global shipping, as well as the environmental performance of the Greek-owned fleet. At the same time, the Exhibition will offer a unique communication platform of the most innovative and technologically advanced capabilities of ship operation, with a particular focus on applications that lead gradually to carbon-free shipping.I would especially like to highlight the timeless commitment of Greek shipping to the promotion of "green shipping". Greek shipping, utilizing its accumulated know-how and experience, remains a frontrunner, always promoting realistic proposals and goals, such as the research and development of alternative, environmentally-friendly marine fuels. Furthermore, we support any substantiated effort aimed at making shipping even more environmentally friendly and internationally competitive.

The Union of Greek Shipowners is committed that Greek shipping, as a global leader in the industry, will be at the forefront of initiatives to adopt viable policies for the benefit of sustainable development, the protection of the planet and the smooth functioning of the global ecosystem.


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