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After thirty years of outstanding services, Lubrication Engineers changes its name to Hexagon Europe and states it is now time to further improve its extraordinary aſter-sales service and marketing, to new areas and products, to better support their industrial, marine, construction and automotive clientele.

"For thirty years we have been acknowledged and became famous for our outstanding services, as well as for proving that all Lubrication Engineers lubricants are cost-effective, irrespective of their higher purchase costs, Alexander C. Doucakis, Managing Director said.

"Hexagon Europe, our new corporate name, consists of the same mentality, the same team and personnel, with added spirit and additional product ranges which will further improve our customers’ maintenance programmes, whilst it will also help them maintain and protect the environment.

"We are proud to be one of Lubrication Engineers’ major distributors for the last thirty one years and we commit ourselves to further support our activities, by adding more value to our services & support by offering to our customers maintenance and environment protection teams, more valuable, high-performance & environment protection products." Mr. Doucakis concluded.

Hexagon Europe will continue to be a trusted partner and supplier for Lubrication Engineers high-performance lubricants and many more products which everyone will soon be able to know and appreciate.

For more information please visit www.hexagon-europe.com or call +30 210 5152040