Exhibitors Press Releases

Among others, the Ministers of Defense of Greece Mr. Dendias and France Mr. Lecornu, the CEO of NAVAL GROUP Mr. Pommelet, the owner of Skaramangas Shipyards Mr. Prokopiou, and Mr. Andreas Miserlis (CEO EMMIS S.A.)

EMMIS specializes in manufacturing certified low voltage transformers since 1974. Nowadays it is acknowledged as one of the few companies of the sector worldwide.

EMMIS MARINE is the business unit that manufactures specially designed type-approved transformers that fulfill the requirements of the marine industry. The product portfolio has been expanded, providing high value-added systems and solutions in the sectors of electrical supply, control, and power quality. At present time, we offer the possibility for customized and highly challenging productions, even of single items.

EMMIS MARINE has focused on meeting the special needs of defense industry even more closely, including the minimization of energy losses, and environmental footprint.

In 2022 we were involved in NAVAL GROUP’s program regarding the procurement of transformers for 3 frigates, plus their options. The collaboration with NAVAL GROUP undoubtedly strengthened the company’s position within the defense sector of the marine industry. The project constituted a challenge for our productive capacity and the meeting of quality standards.
•    In the pre-contractual procedures EMMIS MARINE was rated with a high qualification rate.
•    There was a full response to the requirement for earlier delivery than the contractual, of the first vessel. 
•    The quality delivery process of the first order was fully successful. It is worth noting that the Naval Group representatives mentioned that they were "pleasantly surprised".

There was a mutually excellent cooperation with all parties involved. ΕΜΜΙS MARINE has proven once again  its capacity to successfully meet major challenges. Further to that, our scope for technical qualifications was broadened. The need for exceptionally highly qualified staff became definite.

Last but not least: a new level of awareness and perception about EMMIS MARINE and its product portfolio, appears to be the ticket to success in the defense sector!