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2022’s Top Maritime Advancement: Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants that have closed the performance gap

BIOMAX™ helps ship owners meet EAL requirements while exceeding industry performance

Athens, Greece,  June 9, 2022. Biodegradable, biorenewable, environmentally acceptable lubricants that are non-toxic and eco-friendly often don’t provide the same level of performance as traditional industrial lubricants. This leads to increased drydocking time, and a higher total cost of ownership.

To solve this performance gap challenge, the research and development team for the Royal Purple® brand worked for more than a decade to find a solution. The result  is BIOMAX™ Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) which are now revolutionizing the shipping industry. The key difference in BIOMAX™ is the Royal Purple brand proprietary composition of synthetic molecules that are biodegradable, biorenewable, non-toxic or bioaccumulative. These superior technologies are sustainable, and environmentally responsive with unsurpassed performance and protection for a multitude of applications. 

“Our Royal Purple brand is devoted to developing synthetic lubricant solutions that advance the maritime industry,” said Rusty Waples, Director of Brand and Product Management for Calumet’s Performance Brands division. “The Royal Purple BIOMAX™ Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) offer uncompromised performance while still meeting and exceeding stringent European-Ecolabel, US, EPA, VGP/VIDA, and requirements.”

The Royal Purple brand includes a full line of BIOMAX™ EAL products that are performance-driven, extending drain intervals and reducing equipment downtime. Additionally, they are fully compatible with equipment seal elastomers.

BIOMAX™ EAL Product Overview:
•    BIOMAX™ EAL Gear Oil is an environmentally friendly gear oil (with Synerlec®) that frequently lowers operating temperatures, provides high film-strength, restores consistent performance to erratic operating gear systems.
•    BIOMAX™ EAL Hydraulic Oil is an environmentally friendly hydraulic oil (with Synerlec®) that controls oxidation, provides cleanliness and longer oil life.
•    BIOMAX™ EAL Stern Tube Oil is an environmentally acceptable stern tube lubricant that provides excellent elastomer compatibility, rust protection, outstanding thermal and hydrolytic stability.

To learn more about how Royal Purple® BIOMAX™ Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) can close the performance gap, visit www.biomaxlubricants.com. Product images, information, and fact sheets are available in the BIOMAX™ Media Kit. 
Calumet’s authorized distributor in Greece and Cyprus is Progaia LTD. https://progaialtd.com/ 

Media Contact:
Laura Aplin
Romph Pou Agency

About BIOMAX™:
BIOMAX™ Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) products are the first environmentally safe lubricants that do not compromise on performance. BIOMAX™ EAL products are formulated with renewable, readily biodegradable synthetic base stock and proprietary additives to provide superior lubrication and protection for equipment. They are non-bio accumulative and reduce environmental impact in the event of accidental leakage or spillage and minimizes cleanup costs. BIOMAX™ EAL products include gear, hydraulic and stern tube lubricants.

About Royal Purple:
The Royal Purple brand formulations include the most advanced lubricants available on the market today. Reliable operation of rotating equipment critically depends upon the quality of the lubricant used. Lubricant performance directly and significantly affects how long, how reliable, how efficient and at what cost your equipment will operate. Royal Purple brand industrial lubricants offer proven performance that lowers your total cost of ownership. No other line of synthetic lubricants offers the same kind of energy savings, maintenance savings and improved productivity as Royal Purple.

About Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.:
Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ: CLMT) manufactures, formulates, and markets a diversified slate of specialty products to customers in a broad range of consumer-facing and industrial markets. Calumet’s wholly-owned subsidiary Calumet Branded Products, LLC manufactures and sells the Royal Purple brand products. Calumet is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and operates twelve facilities throughout North America.