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WE Tech Solutions Signs Energy Efficiency Retrofit Contract with Klaveness Combination Carriers

(Picture Source: Klaveness Combination Carriers)

WE Tech Solutions received an order to deliver its Solution One Economical Operations Solution with Shore Connection to the Norwegian shipping company Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC)’s energy efficiency retrofit on two modern vessels and 9 options. The installations will be made on one CABU II class vessel and one CLEANBU class vessel during their next scheduled dockings during Q2 and Q3 2023.

The delivery package includes the innovative Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator, WE Drive and Shore Connection. The Economical Operations solution with WE Drive supplies the vessels electrical power distribution from shaft generator allowing for the auxiliary generators to be stopped, therefore substantial fuel and maintenance cost can be saved. 

With the flexible shore connection function, vessels are not dependent on various voltages and frequencies of national power grids worldwide. The WE Drive can generate at least 50% cheaper shore power compared to electricity generated onboard the vessel. 
“We are very honoured to have been selected by KCC for the equipment delivery, and we believe this will start a new chapter in how WE Tech Solutions can support ship-owners to meet both existing and upcoming IMO regulations. We are confident that our technically optimised shaft generator solution will significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.” Says Mr Martin Andtfolk, the Sales Manager of WE Tech Solutions.

Engebret Dahm, CEO of KCC, comments, “At KCC, we are committed to being the most carbon efficient deep-sea shipping provider in our segment. We anticipate the advanced technical solution provided by WE Tech will play a key role in optimising our vessels’ operational performance and further reducing our environmental footprint.”