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Posidonia Web Forums Week

Decarbonisation debate dominates online conference series attended by thousands

The burning issue of decarbonisation was hotly debated between international maritime industry stakeholders during the Posidonia Web Forums Week held over a plethora of digital platforms from 21 October το 3 November 2020.

Leading maritime media and policy organisations, such as TradeWinds, Lloyd’s List, Seatrade, Capital Link, Newsfront/Naftiliaki and Maritime London, as well as traditional Posidonia exhibitors and educational organisations, such as ABS, Marine Traffic, Isalos.net and BCA College, participated in this highly successful project.

And it was shipping business as usual, albeit on a brand-new format, as the world of shipping converged online in their thousands to fill the physical void left by the cancelation of the 2020 edition of the biennial shipping exhibition due to the pandemic. Registrations exceeded expectations and attendance and active participation was high at all times during the web events. Posidonia once more managed to bring the shipping world together to debate the current challenges facing the industry. 

A total of 16 online events were held during the Posidonia Web Forums Week which included the Annual European Shipping Seminar of the virtual event’s exclusive sponsor S&P Global Platts. During an agenda-setting series of presentations, Charlotte Bucchioni, Associate Editor EMEA, S&P Global Platts, asserted that the industry is standing still in anticipation of the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) clarifications on decarbonisation compliance issues. 

She said: “We have to wait till 2023 to get a clearer picture from IMO with regards to what the shipping industry would have to do to comply. This has caused negative feedback from the industry which has an order book that is the lowest we have seen in ten years due to a combination of weaker crude demand due to carbon reduction targets and uncertainty over fuel regulations.”

It is this uncertainty about fuel regulations that ship owners blame for lack of activity and investments in new builds or fleet upgrades. According to Petros Pappas, CEO of Star Bulk, this is the main reason for the dwindling order book: “Eighty percent of no ordering is due to uncertainty around the fuel situation,” he remarked during a panel discussion organised by Lloyd’s List. He added: “The main thing going forward which will keep us on our feet for decades is decarbonisation. It stops us from ordering vessels.”

Ioanna Prokopiou, CEO of Star Traders, who was also a panel member at the Lloyd’s List event, said: “In order to make a transition to environmentally-friendly shipping we should not disrupt shipping in the way it is done. It needs to be a seamless process. You cannot create an environmental paradise on an economic graveyard. Every suggestion that is made needs to be viable. If we need trillions to address decarbonisation who is going to pay for all of it? A large part of it is about cost.”

And she went on: “Ordering a ship today computing to what you think future regulations demand, your ship may become obsolete while it is still being built as there is no clarity about regulations and compliance. We need to assess the problem from a holistic point of view from extraction of fuel till burning it.”

Pappas echoes her views: We cannot do it on our own. Shipyards first need to do the necessary R&D to develop vessels that will use the fuel of the future. The bunker suppliers need to create the infrastructure. Governments need to subsidise. Banks will need to finance, and charterers will have to have long-term contracts. This way the cost will be spread across the shipping value chain and before the ship owners can invest in zero emission vessels other stakeholders will have to play their own part to provide the funding and the incentives.”

Georgios Plevrakis Director Global Sustainability at ABS, the organiser of the online event titled ‘Shaping Maritime’s Future Together’, shared the same views about the need to approach decarbonisation from a universal perspective: “There is a gap between ambition and what is projected to be the result. Shipping won’t make the target by 2050 unless an accelerated decarbonisation scenario takes place. This would require a team game, shipping alone won’t succeed.”

And as the decarbonisation debate was for days the focal point of shipping executives across the various teleconference platforms deployed by the organisers of the diverse Posidonia Web Forums Week agenda, the IMO Secretary General Kitack Lim was asked his view during the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum on when can the industry expect to see clarity on the regulatory framework.

“Once we develop the key element of the policy and guidelines on how to implement it, we need more than ten guidelines to be developed or updated and they will be ready by the middle of 2021. So technically end of next year the industry will have a much clearer picture about the policies to be introduced,” he said.

“IMO consists of 107 member states, some are developed countries others developing, each with different economic conditions between them, so it is not easy to reach consensus between all member states. But the rating system is a very powerful tool and it can be used by the market for commercial activity. So once specific guidelines are developed it will be working very effectively, and I hope experts will realise this soon,” he added. 

Kitack Lim agrees on the collective approach required to address the issue: “Alternative fuel, new energy resources are the most important elements for the implementation of decarbonisation. We need to intensify R&D into alternative fuels. We have a special fund for R&D issues and the public and private sector need to work together as a team to develop the carbon free fuels of the future.”

Posidonia Web Forums Week Exclusive Sponsor:  

Event Details

BlueInvest Thematic Workshop 2020 | Green Shipping

Blue Economy is of significant importance for the EU as it will make a substantial contribution to acquiring the goals of the European Green Deal. In this regard, this thematic workshop will be an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and maritime stakeholders to connect and develop together innovative strategies to deal with future common challenges. The event is part of the BlueInvest framework of activities to promote Blue Growth and help SMEs and start-ups access finance and business opportunities.

Date: 21 October

07:00 - 15:00 GMT | 09:00 - 17:00 EET (Greece)

Registration: please click here

For more information please contact:
Stamatia Giasirani | bluegrowthaephoria@gmail.com

Greek Shipping at the Forefront of Global Trade
Thought Leadership Driving the Industry Forward – Prospects in A Changing World

Over a two-day period, Wednesday-Thursday, October 21-22, Capital Link is hosting a pioneering digital forum that will showcase:

  • the thought leadership of Greek Shipping on critical industry issues
  • its significance and contribution to the global economy and trade
  • its ability to help move the industry forward.

Greek shipowners are the partners of choice for a huge number of businesses around the globe. The Forum will feature exclusively Greek Shipowners on the panels sharing their industry insight with a global audience. It is the first time that a forum of such nature and structure is taking place covering all major industry topics as well as topics related to the Greek Shipping Cluster.

Date: 21 & 22 October

08:00 - 13:00 GMT | 10:00 - 15:00 EET (Greece)

Website: http://forums.capitallink.com/shipping/2020analyst/

For more information please contact:
Nicolas Bornozis, Kayla Zafiropoulos | forum@capitallink.com

Global Tax Reform in the context of Commercial Shipping Structures

Tax reform from the EU and OECD has never been so rapid, and this time, shipping while not an explicit target in most cases, is having to change. The effects range from accepting a higher tax charge to changing ship ownership, higher freight taxes, and potentially loosing contracts to companies which have more acceptable structures.

This live and interactive webinar, which is hosted by Maritime London, supported by the UK Department for International Trade and the British Embassy Athens, and run as part of the Posidonia Web Forums Week, will examine what the future may hold and strategies to deal with changes.

Date: 23 October

09:30 - 10:30 (UK time) | 11:30 - 12:30 (Greece)

Registration link: https://event.webinarjam.com/channel/MaritimeLondon02

For more information please contact:
Olga Jaques | ojaques@maritimelondon.com

2nd Annual S&P Global Platts European Shipping Seminar

For the second year running, S&P Global Platts’ European Shipping Seminar will discuss the volatility of the tanker, dry bulk, container, and LNG freight markets and how a tumultuous 2020 has changed the world of shipping.

What to expect:

  • A comprehensive economic and trade outlook – Gain the full picture on the current state of the global economy, how are current geopolitical tensions impacting global trade patterns, and the impact on shipping sector.
  • A deep dive into how the tanker, container, LNG and dry bulk markets are evolving – Hear a detailed assessment of how each market is developing, the challenges they face, and the opportunities out there.

Date: 26 October 2020

09:00 - 10:30 GMT | 11:00 - 12:30 EET (Greece)

Website: please click here

For more information please contact:
Liz Herbert, Senior Marketing Manager | liz.herbert@spglobal.com

Financial, leadership and human resource challenges for shipping in a pandemic and beyond

Lloyd’s List will host a digitally streamed discussion on Monday October 26 shedding light on some of the most important questions facing the shipping industry as it struggles with the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic but also strives to look beyond that.

A panel of top shipowning names will offer their views and insights on matters such as whether the risks-rewards balance for the owner has changed in an era of increased volatility and disruptions to global trade growth.

Date: 26 October 2020 

13:00 GMT | 15:00 EET (Greece)

Website: https://pages.maritimeintelligence.informa.com/PosidoniaDigitalForum

For more information please contact:
Jo Kirkpatrick | jo.kirkpatrick@informa.com

Safety First: Lessons learned during 2020

How have recent developments regarding ship inspections affected the shipping industry in terms of safeguarding a management company’s safe operation of its fleet? 
•    What are the most valuable lessons learnt for the shipping sector, with regards to the recent spread of the pandemic?
•    How did the industry manage the psychological support of crews that had faced long delays in their replacement?
•    Are young mariners sufficiently trained in order to face the safety requirements of today’s shipping operations?
Experienced executives from the shipping industry discuss why Safety should still be a top priority for the industry and how Human Performance can be maximized in challenging times.
The digital discussion that will take place on Monday, October 26th 2020 (19:00-20:30 EET) via the Isalos.net YouTube Channel.

Date: 26 October 2020

17:00 - 18:30 GMT | 19:00 - 20:30 EET (Greece)

Website: http://www.isalos.net/posidoniawebinar

For more information please contact:
Charis Pappas | info@isalos.net

TradeWinds Digital Forum Series - Shipowners Forum 2020

Join TradeWinds as we bring together a line-up of leading shipowners to discuss burning wide-ranging issues affecting the market and where they are seeing lucrative opportunities.

Date: 27 October 2020 

Session 1: 09:00 GMT | 11:00 EET (Greece) | 17:00 SGT
Session 2: 11:00 GMT | 13:00 EET (Greece) | 19:00 SGT

Website: www.tradewinds.events/ShipownersForum2020

For more information please contact:
Pranjal Borkotoky, Conference Director | pranjal.borkotoky@tradewindsnews.com

ABS Sustainability Summit - Shaping Maritime’s Future Together

In this inaugural virtual event, ABS will bring together industry leaders to address some of the industry’s most pressing issues and discuss the latest decarbonization insights surrounding fuel options, technology advancements, operational improvements, as well as the effects of COVID-19 on the maritime industry. Please visit the event website to view more time zone options.

Join ABS for engaging industry panel discussions with leaders from:

  • Chevron Shipping
  • Citi
  • Clarkson Research
  • JP Morgan Asset Management
  • Maersk Mckinney Moller Center
  • MAN Energy Solutions
  • V.Group
  • Wärtsilä

Date: 27 October 2020

13:00 GMT | 15:00 EET (Greece)

Website: https://webinars.on24.com/ABS/2020sustainabilitysummit
For more information please contact:
Robyn Lumbers, Global Strategic Marketing Manager | ABS | ABSEvents@eagle.org

Real-time Analytics & Forecasting: how are they going to transform the shipping industry?

The global Big Data and Business Analytics Market is projected to reach $512.04 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 14.80%. The Maritime analytics market is expected to register a CAGR of 16.82% over the next five years.

In this interactive webinar, we will focus on the power of maritime forecasts and data analytics and whether these have the potential to really transform the maritime industry.

What to expect:
Shipping operations experts and leading names of the field are brought together to share their views, expertise and reveal invaluable insights regarding the future of the shipping industry and the way this is developing thanks to new opportunities brought by the analysis of real-time data.

Date: 27 October 2020

15:00 GMT | 17:00 EET (Greece)

Website: please click here
For more information please contact:
Nikos Pothitakis | nikos.pothitakis@marinetraffic.com

Seatrade Webinar Series

Seatrade Maritime brings two content-rich webinars to the Week with a number of key, global industry speakers.

Session 1: Reducing Shipping’s Environmental Footprint

The first session concentrates on Reducing Shipping’s Environmental Impact with a look at A Roadmap towards Zero Emissions; EEXI: What it Means for the Global Fleet and Why it is Just the Beginning; Poseidon Principles and Green Finance and Emissions reporting and potential market-based measures.

Date: 29 October 2020

09:00 GMT | 11:00 EET (Greece)

Session 2: Why Digital is the Way Ahead for Shipping

Focus on the 2nd session evolves around Why Digital is the Way Ahead for Shipping and includes topics on The Investment Case for Advanced Digital Systems; Vessel Performance Optimisation; Remote Surveys and Digital Twinning; and Improved Satcoms and seafarer welfare.

Date: 29 October 2020

11:00 GMT | 13:00 EET (Greece)

Website: https://www.seatrademaritimeevents.com/en/posidonia-forum-seatrade.html

For more information please contact:
Emma Howell, Director of Marketing & Partnerships | Emma.howell@informa.com


Without a doubt, the most critical factor in the shipping industry is the human element. Shipping companies are facing ever escalating challenges in recruiting, developing and retaining their workforce both onboard and ashore, as well as ensuring effective communications and engagement in order to achieve consistently strong performance levels. In day-to-day operations there is a plethora of important and urgent tasks that need to be carried out safely and efficiently by people who come from different countries and cultures, of varying educational backgrounds as well as a wide range of skills and attitudes. Added complexities are the rapid application of new technology and the strict legislative and market-imposed self assessment framework which necessitates a strict adherence to specific regulations and operating procedures.

This panel’s participants are actively involved in the continuous development of seafarers and maritime professionals and are very much aware of the challenges of dealing with increasingly remote and diverse employees of different skills sets and behavioral competencies. The main theme of the panel therefore is to discuss and share best practices in addressing these key challenges in order to enhance people management processes and enable the achievement of continuous improvement in business performance.

Date: 29 October 2020

15:00 - 16:15 GMT | 17:00 - 18:15 EET (Greece)

Website: http://www.live.bca.edu.gr/posidonia

For more information please contact: pr@bca.gr

YES to Shipping Forum 2020

YES to Shipping Forum 2020 will be held on Thursday 29 October 2020, from 18:00 to 21:00 (ΕΕΤ). This Forum will be live on YES FORUM’s Facebook page.

YES Forum aims to enhance the open and direct dialogue among young people studying, willing to pursue a career or already working in shipping with distinguished executives from the whole spectrum of the maritime cluster, prestigious academics, representatives of Μinistries, Μerchant Μarine Academies and Shipping Organisations. All these stakeholders will be able to exchange their views and opinions about their future in the Greek Shipping Industry, discuss ways through which young people should overcome the obstacles they are facing, keeping in mind also the best ways to take advantage of the opportunities offered in this key world trade sector.

Date: 29 October 2020 

16:00 - 19:00 GMT | 18:00 - 21:00 EET (Greece)

To register: YES Forum registration form | To attend the event: YESTOSHIPPING

For more information please contact:
Evanthia Tsekou | info@yes-forum.com

eMariMatch 2020
International Matchmaking of the Posidonia Web Forums Week 

Meet new business partners & expand your Research & Innovation Network in the maritime sector 

eMariMatch 2020, the brokerage forum organised by the Enterprise Europe Network will take place online on the 29 and 30th October 2020. 
MariMatch 2020 is a unique opportunity to establish new cross-border contacts and a very effective International forum to meet potential business partners, explore all kinds of cooperation possibilities. 

Thursday 29 October
‎B2B Day 1 - Morning session - Remote meetings
09:00 - 12:00 GMT | 11:00 - 14:00 EET (Greece)

B2B Day 1 - Afternoon session - Remote meetings
12:30 - 15:30 GMT | 14:30 - 17:30 EET (Greece)

Friday 30 October
‎B2B Day 2 - Morning session - Remote meetings
09:00 - 12:00 GMT | 11:00 - 14:00 EET (Greece)

B2B Day 2 - Afternoon session - Remote meetings
12:30 - 15:30 GMT | 14:30 - 17:30 EET (Greece)

Website: https://emarimatch-2020.b2match.io/

For more information please contact:
Dr Cristina Pascual | marimatch-posidonia@ekt.gr

Bunker Industry experts confront the challenges of VLSFO 0.50%. 
Dispersing facts, unveiling myths and safeguarding ethics.

Bunker supply chain experts will table the issue of VLSFO 0.50% to discuss the challenges it poses to fleet owners around the world and try to disperse facts, unveil myths and safeguard ethics of this highly sensitive topic. Organized by Prime’s Bunkersplus – a Bunker Buying Management Service Provider and powered by Slide2Open Communications the event is pre-recorded and will air on 30 October. The one-hour webinar will shed light on the roots of the VLSFO 0.5% and credit line problems facing the industry and endeavor to provide common sense advice on how to handle them.

Date: 30 October 2020

13:00 GMT | 15:00 EET (Greece)

To register please click here

For more information please contact: bunkersplus@primeinc.gr

DIGITAL GREENER SHIPPING SUMMIT 2020 “What is the Future of Greek Shipping”

Newsfront / Naftiliaki is organising this on-line event as part of its programme to keep people in shipping abreast of developments in their search for a more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly maritime industry. As with all events in this programme, the Greener Shipping Summit 2020 will be held under the auspices of the influential MARTECMA, [Greek Marine Technical Managers Association]. Leading Shipowners and Technical Directors will discuss the bulker and tanker market, the recent challenges in European Shipping Policy and the challenges for Greek Shipmanagement, Alternative sources of power, Fuel Challenges for shipping, Green Technologies and their impact on vessel’s design and cost, Ships carbon Emissions Indicators, Maritime forecast 2050 and the EEXI factor for the 2030 IMO short term measures.

Date: 3 November 2020


08:30 GMT | 10:30 EET (Greece)

To register please click here

For more information please contact: natvas@otenet.gr

The Posidonia Web Forums Week is organised with the support of