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Insurance Proposal Posidonia 2020

Each exhibitor is responsible for public liability insurance against injury to the person and property of others arising from his participation at the exhibition (Third Party Liability) as well as against injury to his personnel (Employers' Liability) and insuring their exhibits and merchandise against damage or loss to and from the exhibition and during the exhibition. Exhibitors should contact their insurance broker to cover their personnel, exhibits and stand materials. The Organisers, the official contractors or any of their officers, agents and/or employees, are not responsible for damage or theft of an exhibitor's exhibit, product or property or for any injury to the exhibitor's personnel. Each exhibitor must present an original copy of their Certificate of Insurance to document their coverage. 

In order to assist you, an insurance proposal from the Insurance Company ERGO Insurance Group is available. 

To view the insurance proposal visit: http://aib.gr/index.php/en/

For more information or to book insurance contact our Insurance Broker A.I.B. SA by email: posidonia@aib.gr